We might say of ourselves that at this very moment in our individual and collective lives we are walking on hallowed ground.  That you the reader might be feeling the ground underneath your feet to be trembling slightly does not make that ground with the tremors less hallowed.  With Gaia holding us in her sure embrace we have arrived together at a very sacred and precious moment in our evolution and in our awakening.  We have arrived at the moment of seeing and feeling and knowing and sensing and even perhaps exulting in our gift of choice. 


But it is more than merely knowing about this gift of choice, or free will, as it is alternatively known.  What is unusual and unique about this moment, this cosmic moment, is that now, at last, our choice produces for us immediate benefit and immediate evidence of our choosing.  In our long journey through the disquieting and sometimes even disruptive experience of duality, we have not had such immediate and direct consequence of this capacity to choose.  The consequence has been delayed, even to other lifetimes, in such a way that we have not had direct evidence of the fact that choice is our core gift and ability.  It has been buried and obfuscated under a mirage of drama and subterfuge.  Now choice is out in the open. 


We are blessed with the gift of choice.  We are also accountable and responsible for this gift.  Now there is no duality behind which we can hide the fact that the gift and the responsibility are one and the same.  Even, as the Harvard theologian, Harvey Cox, proclaimed: Not to decide is to decide (not to choose is to choose).  There is simply no way that we can circumvent our freedom to choose.  While many people cherish this freedom others perhaps obliquely avoid this gift and its consequences. 


In these realms beyond duality which we have now entered we may find ourselves a bit confounded by the sheer inevitability of choice.  We have no choice but to choose.  Once again not to choose is to choose.  Choice is at the very core of our being-ness as god seed humans. 


In the time that lies immediately ahead this issue of choice is going to face us at every turn on the road upon which we are traveling.  We are in the midst of a disruptive or dimensional change.  What has been our ‘reality’ has already slipped away from us, perhaps unnoticed.  What lies ahead is a terrain that both commands and demands that we choose.  At times this choosing will be moment by moment. 


Information is being downloaded to us that will have the effect of stripping from our eyes the blinders of somnambulance.  We have no choice but to choose each footfall on this road.  We are indeed creating the road ahead by and with our choices.  


We have come home to a much larger cosmos than we have remembered.  We have chosen to accept our isolation on this prison planet even though we have know better.  Now we have no choice but to awaken.  Where we are in this moment demands this of us.  We cannot avoid this condition into which we have entered.  We can pretend.  That is a choice.  We can deny.  That is a choice.  We can awaken.  That is also a choice. 


There are those who have gone ahead of us on this road that we are now traveling who are reaching out to assist us.  They are masters of choice and embrace their freedom of choice and their sovereignty that accrues to them as a consequence of their positive and affirmative and wise choices.  They live for now in the unseen and extend their hands and their wisdom to us to assist us and to guide us.  They do not make our choices for us. 

We can deny their presence.  We can deny their affirming intention of assistance and direction.  That is our choice.  What is new for us in this moment is that we know immediately the consequence and effect of our choices.  The road on which we travel now is paved with our choices.  If the road is rocky we have chosen that this be so.  Likewise if the road underneath our feet is comforting and smooth this road is made of our choice(s).    


4 comments on “CHOICE

  1. lightignite says:

    I choose to awaken. I choose to see and be love. I choose the New Earth.

  2. Patrick Franey says:

    a very interresting blog.

  3. gunnjef says:

    One must be very careful about freedom. The freedom to not do something means you are absolutely bound to do something else. And there are your chains.

    Pablo Picasso

    There’s a line missing in the above quote. Since one is bound to make decisions, and moment by moment, it is of the utmost importance to become as clear in mind as possible. Without such clarity, one is choosing by means of reactive patterns only, and that is not choice.

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