Given that we are creatures of choice and given again that choice is our destiny as well as our nature, we can make a legitimate case for the fact that purposeful choice greatly benefits us, as individuals and as collectives.  Purposeful choice benefits in the immediate here and now; it benefits us in the intermediate term and again in the long term.


Purposeful choice is the thoughtful, conscious and considered use of this inherent power within us.  We might think of purposeful choice as awakened use of our inherent powers.  It contrasts strongly with the choices made carelessly, randomly and without the cognizance that choice is the power and the gift at the very core of creating our experiences and our very subjective reality.


Many of us do not come to purposeful choice in an all-of-a-sudden awakened moment in time.  A more laborious learning process of trial and error is often involved as we learn from our setbacks and heartbreaks what is beneficial and what is not so beneficial in generating peace of mind and personal and collective comfort.  Even the notion of peace of mind and comfort are products of learning from past choices that we have made or have failed to make.


In this regard we may legitimately regard purposeful choice as an advancement in our personal consciousness that we then contribute, in our very beingness, to the collective consciousness within our respective spheres of influence.  Those of us who make the transition into purposeful consciousness construct this awareness through the developed practice of considered and purposeful choices strung together until they become the foundation of a life pattern.


This purposeful life style yields solid and salutary evidence in the form of peace and contentment on the one hand.  We get glimpses from the inception of instituting this practice for ourselves that we are far more than what we had known ourselves to be in our prior distracted and confused state of mind.  We become captains of our own destiny.  We gain a growing sense of our own sovereignty.


On the other hand, we gain immediate benefit from the experience of forgiveness, which practice of forgiveness is a purposeful choice without peer in terms of the release of new energies and clarity of thought and perception that accrue to us as we engage this practice.  Forgiveness frees us from the shadowy and heretofore hidden structures within our own consciousness that have debilitated and bound us in a prison of our own making.


As we thusly liberate ourselves from our own imprisonment of tightly binding and hidden attitudes of judgment, resentment and condemnation we accommodate more light within ourselves and our bodies, which light is the pure light of consciousness itself.  We make of ourselves vehicles of transformation by first offering ourselves these experiential realizations that deliver personal fulfillment in their wake.  We have no need then to preach to others or to correct or to train them.  What is sufficient is our very presence.  We become through this process of purposeful choice a beacon of light that assists others most dramatically through our very presence.


In addition we become through these purposeful choices members of a global grid connected to all the others who are finding their way into lives of purposeful choosing.  We can notice that our membership in this conscious grid supports our conscious peers wherever they are in the world.  We also pave the way for others still slumbering in the forgetfulness of life lived without focus and high purpose.  This occurs silently through the means of a heightened and expanded frequency of love and light generated by the commitments and actions of all leading purposeful lives.  Through this means humanity as a whole is able to open itself to realms of possibility quite beyond what it can currently imagine.

2 comments on “PURPOSEFUL CHOICE

  1. gunnjef says:

    So true it is.

    Lama Michael (furthering perhaps a teaching point of Kalu Rinpoche) says that if after spending just five minutes watching your mind, you are not alarmed, you need to look again. Who is running the show? Who makes all these choices?

    And yet, something brought us to look, to ask questions and to yearn for purpose, which brought us to choose clarity and to benefit all beings, to join in the community of awakening beings.

    Thank you James for this blog.

  2. saqib says:

    It is beautifully said ..”construct this awareness through the developed practice of considered and purposeful choices strung together until they become the foundation of a life pattern.”

    Thank you for writing this blog, really enjoyed reading it.

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