In the deeper realms of the Silence the quiet is so profound that words have no place.  Words cannot and do not appear within these realms of the Silence.  Such a notion is quite startling and perhaps even beyond comprehension for those of us educated and trained in Western institutions.  Yet the Silence of those realms is so pristine that a word, any word, would accrue as a contaminant.


While it cannot be accurate to say that I am called into these grand realms of pristine silence, it is nevertheless true and accurate for me to assert that I am being called to engage the early stages of entering that Silence.  It would be illusory for me to think that I could use the very words I am using here to communicate to you something other than a mere notice about what is calling me at this time.  For me not to heed this invitation that I have been granted would be a deeply flawed decision on my part.  I no longer wish to tempt fate and forestall my inevitable return Home through such flawed decision making.


It has been brought to my attention through the unmistakable language of chaos and mayhem that the mercy and the forgiveness that is the order of the day for each and all of us cannot derive from disputation and verbal delineation and discrimination.  This forgiveness and mercy proceed from the Heart of the Beloved on High.  Silence is the means of choice in and through which I am called to prepare my own heart for the Unconditional and Absolute Forgiveness and Mercy that await me in the Silence of that Heart.


I go now into that Silence.  For the interim I am suspending my efforts to blog.  I have said what I have wanted and needed to say.  The Silence that calls me is not an abject silence of the lost soul.  It is a Silence filled with Grace.  It is in this Silence that I will be washed clean.  It is in this Silence that I will be released from even the most meager hint of unworthiness, for unworthiness is a human invention that has created a modicum of ‘safe’ passage through the dark night we have created for ourselves in turning away from the Eternal Light that is Love Itself.


In your kindness know that what calls each and all of us is a blessing and a glory that know no bounds.


And so it is.


Here below is a link to a world daily meditation.  Each day you will find me in this mediation.  The second link is to the facebook page for this same meditation.  Ms. Katie Stein has collaborated with me in the composition of both these pages.  I thank her too for her oversight of these two pages.



As we move forward into the coming months and beyond we are being challenged by the deconstruction of edifices of the declining world civilization to re-think what it means to be a human.  We have outgrown our inherited definition and understanding of ourselves.  The veils of illusion disappear as the scales of doubt and ignorance fall from our eyes.  This age’s long epoch of duality has fulfilled its purpose for learning and soul advancement.  It is now a time for us to remember much more precisely what we are.


We are beings of Light.  There are no exceptions among us to this fact. We can only be beings of Light and nothing less.  This Light is the Light of Pure Consciousness.  We are aspects or fractals of this Light of Pure Consciousness that have taken on physical vehicles that we know as bodies and that we have identified as our selves.  This time for such limited identification has passed.  This way of knowing ourselves has served its purpose. 


As Light of Pure Consciousness we participate directly and eternally in Source.  Source ‘is us, is in us as us’.  Source is both principle and person.  But even as we make these attributions about Source we are merely making approximations.  Source is beyond reach of any description.  Yet our true nature is such that we are never satisfied in our seeking and searching and experimenting and longing unless and until we are safely involved with and invested in commitment to consciously and purposefully claiming our affinity with Source and our nature as Source. 


We cannot know Source through the exercise of discrimination made by our minds.  Source is indeed all that exists.  There is nothing outside Source.  When we set on the path of engaging in a discriminating process to discover whether or not there can be such a thing as Source we trick ourselves into illusion.  We have separated ourselves in this discriminating process from Source but only in our minds.  This illusion is logical, the work of the mind.  It is not ontological, the stuff of reality.  Even though we trick ourselves into thinking that we can decide whether or not Source exists, we are sustained even in this illusion by Source who/which ‘is us and is in us as us’. 


And even though this trick of the mind allows us to think that we can out think and outsmart Source, Source is all that exists.  This is the confusion we have known as duality.  Duality includes the illusion that mind is the capacity or has the capacity to know Source or to know about Source. 


The only way that we as humans can access Source directly and immediately is through our hearts.  A beneficial construct for this type of direct access to Source, through our hearts, is the notion of ‘beholding’.  In our hearts we can directly and immediately know or behold Source.  This experience is beyond words and concepts.  Many describe this experience as ‘feeling’ or ‘intuition’.  It is immediate.  There is no denying it. 


One can of course choose to deny or distrust this direct experience, but that is just the mind and intelligence standing outside the direct experience. 


Even the slightest effort to engage this direct knowing of Source through our hearts reaps ample rewards.  The trajectory of our life shifts almost immediately.  That which was can be no longer since one taste and touch of the Light of Pure Consciousness sets us on the path of desiring this pure and rarefied experience as a constant in our life.  The allure of the external world loses its attraction.   It is no longer satisfying or compelling.  Only the sweet Light of the Beloved on High can satisfy the longing of the soul. 


Once we set foot on this path of seeking the Eternal Beloved and setting aside all that interferes with our direct experience of the Beloved we can be said to be Home once again.  This means that we have found our way back from the long exile each of us has had in the darkness of separation from the direct experience of Eternal Joy. 


The access points to this direct experience are infinite in number.  Any path that leads to the discovery of the longing in one’s heart that cannot be assuaged save by turning within to discover again this Beloved is known as the true path.  The key that leads to the inevitable discovery of the Beloved, however, is desire.  Desire is the movement of the heart to reunite in conscious union with the Beloved. 


This desire must become stronger than any competing desire for anything of the world or for anything save the Beloved.  This desire shifts the notion of Source from a concept or vague knowing to an insatiable longing for the Beloved.  In truth Source and the Beloved are One and the Same.  This though can only be known with clarity and conviction by the human heart set on union with the Beloved.  This insatiable desire delivers freedom, a freedom that is joyful beyond description, a freedom that has no end.


We are poised now to spread our wings and to take flight.  This is no longer rehearsal.  This is our time to fly.  We know we are sovereign love.  We know that we are created Creator.  We engage consistently and joyfully in purposeful choices.  We have entered deeply into unconditional forgiveness about anything and everything that would have hampered our capacity to take flight.  Now we are ready. 

We have now ascended into the air on our maiden journey.  Wow!!  That was simple.  Simply a question of extending our wings, intending to fly and then taking flight.  Now we are in free flight.  Where do we go from here?  And with whom?  Nothing is holding us back.  We are flying. 

Now that we are flying we see for certain that flying is not any more difficult or challenging than suffering or hoping or preparing or waiting.  Or being depressed or hindered or harmed or wounded.  In fact flying is much more compelling and elegant than any of these or even all of these taken together.  Maybe we just had to wait until the right moment?  Maybe we had to be certain that others would join us?  Maybe none of these rationales or motivations is accurate.  None of this matters now that we are flying.

The longer we spend in flight the more relaxed we become.  As the newness wears off we exhilarate in the sheer simplicity of staying aloft.  A great insight occurs to us as we soar on updrafts of warm air.  We have managed to escape the downward pull of duality.  When one can experience the glorious expansiveness of free flight the drama of duality can only appear limiting and binding.  What we may have mistaken as the pull of gravity we now find to have been the pull of duality.  Duality is dense and binding as seen from our now lofty perspective in free flight.

We can fly so high and so rapidly that duality’s double-binds and considerations, when we see them with the high-flying eyes of the soaring eagle, do not amount to a hill of beans.  From our soaring heights we no longer have interest in examining these difficulties and challenges.  There are all in the past.  From our current vantage it does occur to us that these challenges within duality have made us strong and have prepared us to take such great delight in our flight.  Our strength allows us to soar high into the clouds and beyond.  We are free.  Yes, we are free.  We have heard that it would be so and now we know in our bones and in our wings that it is so.  Freedom beckons.  And in our freedom we do not look back. 

As we soar it begins to occur to us: why this gift of free flight?  What are we now to do with our freedom?  Our sovereignty?  With the love that we have come to know ourselves to be?  That is where purposeful choice comes into play.  And the ability we have developed to still our minds in order to hear and then to heed that still small voice that speaks to us from our heart. 

We have all the tools.  And it is now our time to make decisions as to how we will use our newfound freedom.  We experience in our free flight an unmitigated and fresh compassion.  This compassion becomes the foundational premise for all the decisions that we will now make. 

As we fly freely we turn our attention to the life we wish to create for ourselves, on the one hand, and the world we wish to create for those who come after us.  We who have been the first to leave the nest of duality have the great privilege of being the way showers for those who are just now beginning to awaken.  These awakening ones are already looking to us for direction.  They do not use words.  You can simply see the questioning and the longing in their eyes. 

We have the opportunity now to put in place for ourselves the unique and precise life that will allow each of us to flourish, each in her/his own way.  We pause to express gratitude for the fact that all the hindrances to free flight and the accompanying unimaginable joy and delight have been removed. 

We have decided to be love and to be nothing else except love.  This all-pervasive love is the material from which we construct each action and each item in the world we commit to build.  We are the experience and the meaning of love itself.  We have set aside all choices that would not honor love. 

All the decisions that we will make forevermore will but amplify the love that we have become once again, now conscious of its fullness.  Whatever it is that we will create is birthed in this love, reveals this love and offers this love to the all that is One.  In our freedom and in our conscious decision to be love we create gifts of joy and abundance for everyone.  Such is the way of love without end.    


As we move headlong toward the midpoint of this momentous year of 2012 many of us who have been doing something called ‘waiting’ are shifting into another mode.  We might think of this different mode as ‘awakening’ to our own authority.  The way life has been lived through to the present time is proving to be monotonous and rather pallid for many of us.  The old rat race has fallen flat.


The great good news is that marvelous opportunity awaits us.  And yet in order to seize this opportunity we have to switch gears within ourselves.  One way to think about this shift is from victims in an endless drama to ‘being sovereign love’.  In this shift from one frame of reference to another we are required, by our own demands for our own fulfillment, to activate within a capacity that has eluded our attention.


That capacity is our birth right.  It is what we are in our nature.  We are sovereign love at the very core of our being.  As we go forward into the life that awaits us we will come to cherish and embrace this reality of being sovereign love.  As we learn how to embrace this reality the fears that have held us in thrall fall away into forgetfulness.


These fears recede into the distance as we take upon ourselves to be this sovereign love that we have always been; that we once were and had replaced for the thrill of being separate and ‘self-sufficient’.  The pretense and veneer of that self-sufficiency has worn thin to now reveal fully in its ennui and futility the experience of separation.  Separation is an illusion.  It is also a hoax.  We fooled ourselves into accepting this illusion to discover for ourselves, in our own time, the great gift and blessing of being sovereign love.


We are now returning by purposeful choice to consciously embrace our nature as sovereign love.  Being sovereign love means that we are unconditionally sovereign and unconditionally love.  No one save one’s self has authority over us or with us save for the Source of our being, whose Law is inscribed in our heart.  This Sovereign Source is ‘in us as us’.  There are no conditions in Source’s gift of Itself to ‘us as us’ except to be sovereign love and nothing else.


It is the heart that is the gateway or portal through which we return to our full investiture of our true nature.  It was our mind that originally created for us the hoax that it knew better than does our heart about our nature and about our true pleasure and joy.  The mind discerns endlessly and in that discerning it finds its own pleasure and fulfillment.  The heart then has to wait for the mind to surrender its impulsive belief that discernment delivers realization and the fulfillment of being.  The mind merely brings forth discernment.  Discernment begets further discernment.  The gift of discernment is discernment.  It is not fulfillment and realization.


It is our being sovereign love that is realization and fulfillment.  The risk though in embracing this path of realization is that one has to abandon discernment, for its own sake, in order to embrace direct knowing.  This direct knowing requires of us that we first still the mind in order that we create for ourselves the context or ambient so that direct knowing can occur.  Discernment for its own sake is so intoxicating and so full of allure that one has to be very determined to relinquish the hold that the discerning mind has had on us.  This decision to still the mind opens the way to direct knowing.  In this way the mind and its discernments become the servant of the heart.


Key to direct knowing is this ‘in us as us’  This phrase ‘in us as us’ refers to how Creator Source abides in our being as our being and connotes the way that Source operationaiizes the Divine Plan.  We are created to participate with Creator to unfold Creator’s Divine Plan.


Our destiny through Eternity is to assist intimately in this unfolding.  We are at the stage now where we have learned that we are indeed sovereign love.  We have learned this powerfully and emphatically through an elongated process of trial and error.


Now we are prepared to move into our next lessons that relate to materializing only that which brings joy and benefit to the whole of which we are an integral part.  The waiting, yearning and longing for this actualization of ourselves as sovereign love recedes into our past as we take our places once again as galactic citizens consciously aware of our Divine origin, nature and purpose.



Each human is a sovereign being.  Each human partakes directly and intimately in the essence of Source.  Source grants us our sovereignty in the very action of creating us.  Sovereignty is Source in us as us being its Supreme Self. 


The sovereignty of humans derives from and expresses the One Law that is written into the very warp and woof of our being.  This One Law and the Law of Love are one and the same.  Our sovereignty reflects and expresses the Love that we are.  Our sovereignty mirrors this Love to ourselves and to others. 


Our descent into duality has had as it purpose to teach us how to be this sovereign Love.  We are Love and yet in order to be that Love in its sovereignty we have had to learn what that Love is and how it feels to be that Love.  We have been in a school, if you will, of learning about the sovereignty and the majesty of Love.  Our most basic lesson in this school is to know how to be sovereign while also being Love.  Within the veils and the masks of duality we have had to learn discernment.  What we have not known, perhaps for eons, is that when Love is jeopardized and compromised our sovereignty is simultaneously jeopardized and compromised. 


There is such an intimate relationship between Love and sovereignty that they exist together or not at all.  We sacrifice our sovereignty when we do not behave as Love.  The only way to be sovereign is to follow our core nature, which is to be the Love that we are.  When we are being Love, expressing Love and acting Love we are sovereign beings.  Sovereignty means that the supreme, absolute, and unconditional power of Love is what directs us and guides us.  When we are Love, actually being and living the Law of Love that is written in each of our hearts, we are sovereign beings possessing supreme, absolute power over which no one or nothing save the Law of Love itself can bind us. 


At this present moment in Gaia’s evolutionary progression, we humans are invited to accompany Gaia.  What is involved in this invitation is the opportunity to now live fully and unfettered this Law of Love that we are.  While this invitation to accompany Gaia has been extended to us, the invitation requires the assent of our free will.  Only an act of purposeful choice on the part of each individual human to ascend with Gaia opens the way for this ascent.  There is no demand to ascend and free choice will not be violated or countermanded.  Some souls will know that the time to leave the play of duality has not yet arrived for them.  This is a valid and useful discernment.


Those souls who do choose to accompany Gaia as she ascends from the realms of duality recognize and embrace the Law of Love as discussed in the foregoing.  Sovereignty in this next evolutionary phase of our existence is lived and practiced through being the Law of Love in reference to and toward all living beings, including one’s ‘self’.  We realize for ourselves this Law of Love when we are modeling, practicing and representing this Law of Love for all others.  It is in this way that the Law of One which is another name for the Law of Love is fulfilled. 


We can only be the Law of Love for ourselves and as ourselves when we are being this Law for all others.  We can only experience and express our sovereignty when we are fulfilling this Law of Love in and through being this Law for others.  In this sense sovereignty is a gift and privilege extended to us by Creator Source for being both willing and able to exemplify the Law of Love for all creation.  The invitation that has been extended to us to leave the lower realms of duality for the higher realms of Light represents the fact that we are now the capacity to be this Law of Love for all creation.  We have learned and learned well within the school of duality what is and what is not of the Way of Love. 


We have had many magnificent Teachers of the Way of Love.  They have come to the Earth plane and entered into duality to demonstrate for us what it looks like to be the Law of Love under challenging and even confusing circumstances.  By being and upholding this Law of Love under the most trying circumstances these Teachers have been sovereign beings and demonstrated sovereignty for us.


 We have learned from these Teachers perhaps the most difficult lesson that one can learn within duality.  Sovereignty has to be lived and breathed.  It cannot be extended from one being to another since it already resides in each of us as us.  No one can save us.  We are sovereign beings already and in that sense no salvation is required or even relevant.  What is required of us is that we take it upon ourselves to live this sovereignty through living the Law of Love as the only Law that governs our being and the expression of our being-ness.  A time of great joy awaits us as we prepare to ascend with Earth, Gaia Terra, into the realms of Light, as fully conscious sovereign beings, living and breathing the Law of Love.    


What ‘inner space’ means in the context of this discussion is the fullness of your awareness that, when taken as a whole, constitutes your way of being in the world. It is from this ‘inner space’ then that you interface with your ‘self’ and all other beings in your world.  This inner space has an overall tone and feeling.  For some this space is quite immense.  For others it may be very still and quiet or subdued.  For others it may be very guarded.  For some this inner space is full of adventure.  In each and every case, perhaps without conscious intention, this inner space has been assiduously cultivated over the course of one’s life.


It is into this inner space that we bring all our new experiences and realizations.  These new experiences take their place alongside all the other experiences one has had during one’s life.  In the sum these experiences shape and define us.  Those we have already had set the stage and define how and what we might experience next in our lives.  Certain experiences prepare our inner space in ways that may hinder us in our search for new meaning.  Other experiences propel us to new heights of awareness and integration.


For each one of us this individual inner space is also determined and defined by cues from our environment and our culture.  We are shaped by our environments and we are also perhaps unknowingly bound by our cultures.  Many of us become so intent upon excelling or succeeding within our environment and culture that we barely have the time and energy to measure whether our endeavors are fulfilling that which is the best and brightest about ourselves.


At this very time in our communal life together a concatenation of events and circumstances has occurred that allow us the opportunity to pause from our cultural pursuits to reflect about the road ahead.  There is a growing awareness across the various sectors of our society and throughout the disparate hierarchies of our culture that a very deep and pervasive change is underway.  The cultural edifices that have appeared heretofore to be comforting in their solidity are proving to be deteriorating and collapsing from within.


From another perspective however these institutions have outlived their purposes.  They have gone from assisting us in the living of shared lives to being constraints that trap and ensnare the growing passion for freedom and sovereignty that is arising spontaneously among the masses of humanity across the entire spectrum of cultures throughout the world.  These masses of people are expanding their inner space, as individuals and collectives, in demanding more room for their own freedom of self-expression.


Simultaneously humanity is expanding its perspective as a species.  At the forefront of this particular expression and expansion of humanity’s inner space are those humans who now count themselves as citizens of the galaxy we know as the Milky Way.  In this regard humanity has outgrown its understanding of itself as being doomed to imprisonment on a ‘prison planet’.  In various and sundry ways then human beings are taking it upon themselves to expand their inner spaces.


This expansiveness is as fortuitous as it is timely.  This expansiveness brings an abrupt halt to the notion that we Earth humans are alone in the Universe.  This belief is at the base of Earth’s being the prison planet that it has been for ours and Earth’s other species.  In the context of this extreme isolation mayhem has gone unchecked while compassion and human kindness are frequently seen as weakness or recklessness.  That day for Earth has now passed.


As a species we are now being brought into our new role as galactic citizens.  With this new role comes a marvelous extension and expansion of inner space into realms quite beyond any that we have imagined ourselves inheriting or occupying.  While it is true that we are just now at the beginning of this new adventure, it is also true that we have in our star sisters and brothers, in our own Ascended Masters and in other groups of celestial’s highly beneficent guides, teachers and way showers.  They await our individual and collective invitation in order that they can share with us their knowledge, their wisdom and their advanced technologies.


We have been greatly misinformed about the intention and the very presence of these unseen beings.  The human mind lacks the capacity to discern the intention of these beings.  The human heart however can know and does know instantaneously that these beings wait in the wings to assist us.  Their respect for our free will is absolute.  Their request is that we invite them to assist us and that we do this sooner than later.


Given their high purpose however they will wait until invited.  Check-in with your heart to see whether now is the time for you to offer them your invitation.  Should you decide in the affirmative that now is the time be assured that you will be surprised, delighted and vindicated that you made your decision to invite them at this time.


We Earth humans are engaged in this moment in a wonderful and fascinating journey of self discovery.  We have known many things about ourselves in times past.  Now however a new reality is dawning for us.  Understing the Law of Attraction will help us to shed light on this new reality.  This Law of Attraction is not a human law.  It does not exist per se within any codes of manmade law.  Rather is it a Universal Law.  This means that it is one of the governing principles for the orderly functioning of the Universe in which we find ourselves.  We are bound by the Law of Attraction because of our presence in this Universe, even if we are not aware of its existence . 


There is good reason to think then that it is greatly to our benefit to be aware of this Law. 


Those of us who practice ‘purposeful choice’ in the enactment and management of our lives and personal and business affairs know in at least a de facto way something about this Law of Attraction.  In its essence and at the risk of oversimplification the Law of Attraction might be rendered as ‘like attracts like’.  The risk of oversimplification rises when this ‘like attracts like’ is read too literally.  ‘Like attracts like’ in regards to the Law of Attraction references the unseen realm of energy frequency.  This refers to the flow of energy in waves and means that the energy flowing from us in discrete wave forms of specified lengths will attract to us waves of energy with the same specified lengths of waves. 


In this way of knowing and perceiving, all entities in all realms of manifestation exist as energetic forms having specified lengths of waves.  Serenity has its wave form and wave length wherever it is found.  Serenity will then attract to itself serene forms and experiences.  Joy too has its measure of wave form in specified length.  Joy in this way attracts to itself other joyful experience and expression. 


In the journey of self discovery upon which humanity has embarked currently, we are together discovering that how we think and what we think matter greatly.  How we think and what we think are patterns created as ripples in the vast fields of energy surrounding us that constitute what we call ‘reality’.  We are learning as we experiment with purposeful choice that we are able to inform and influence the energy fields that surround us.  When we sustain waves of serenity we produce serenity in our environment.  When we be joy, we saturate the energy fields that surround us with joy.  Others then experience this serenity and this joy.  It spreads and amplifies. 


When groups or collectives join through shared vision and commitment to produce for themselves as individuals and as collectives serenity and joy, as examples, this has a cumulative effect on the entire energy field of the human family and the planet.  This is the deeply joyful discovery that is occurring at this time on Earth, beloved Gaia Terra. 


Yet we are nowhere near having this experience of sourcing our own joy and serenity be true for each and every human on Earth.  Now though it is simply a question of time before that moment arrives.  Humans are being swept up in the rising tides of joy and serenity.  Joy is in the air.  Serenity is an aspect of our very nature.


This is just the beginning of the good news.  As Earth, beloved Gaia Terra, raises her collective vibration to heightened levels of joy and serenity, the Earth is attracting the attention and the assistance of beings of like mind and heart from all sectors of this and other Universes.  They are here with us now.  They bring their own joy and serenity.  They bring their advanced technologies and amplified visions and experiences of realms of creativity and abundance to offer to us as gifts simply because they love us and appreciate the fact that we have decided to be joyful and peace-loving beings. 


These beings await our invitation to them that will allow them to bring forth their gifts and their friendship into the open.  They await only our invitation.  We have already attracted their attention and have drawn them near through our collective ‘purposeful choices’ to think and be peace, to think and be joy, to think and be serenity. 


We Earth humans, Gaia Terra’s children, now have the wind at our backs.  We are finding our way Home once again to our own hearts from whence we strayed.  The joy of this re-turn is palpable. 


Pause and be still in this now moment.  Breathe deeply.  Feel for yourself, as you touch into your own heart, all those in the unseen who await your invitation for reunion.  Those in the unseen but await our collective invitation.   Prepare yourself for the great reunion that even now draws closer by the moment.